Sleep Masks Buying Guide

Buying Guide for Sleep Masks

Buying a sleep mask may seem like a simple errand, but there could be a few complications. When you actually go to buy it, you may find yourself with more varieties than you expected, so which one is the right one for you? This buying guide should help to make the decision easy. It is important to remember not to buy anything out of impulse, as sleeping masks are meant to be tailored to the individual and can actually have the opposite of their intended effect if you buy one that is not appropriate for your needs.

The Shape

The overall shape of the mask that you will get and also its size are both important factors for you to consider when buying a sleep mask. Side sleepers in particular will need to keep the size of their mask in mind when shopping because they tend to move around a lot while they sleep; if the mask is not the right size then it is likely that it will shift and move around as well. This is not as likely to be an issue with persons who sleep on their backs.

Most sleep masks will come in direct contact with your eyelids and keep them from opening freely with a gentle pressure, but some of them have cavities that allow you to open your eyes and see total darkness. If you would like to be able to open your eyes when wearing a mask then you should probably look at the ones that have these types of eye cavities.

If you want to be able to block out sounds as well as light, a sleep mask with side panels will be a good idea. The size of your head is also something that will affect the size of your sleep mask. It is true that most of them are one-size-fits-all, but if your head is unusually small or large then you should still check to make sure that the mask you want will be able to fit you comfortably.

The Purpose

Sleeping masks in their most basic description are blindfolds. On the other hand, they can be so much more than that. There are pillow sleeping masks, or eye pillows, which are thicker and softer than a regular sleep mask. There are cooling masks, magnetic masks, and compression masks. You even have sleeping masks designed specifically for aromatherapy. If you have a specific reason to wear a sleep mask, for example to enhance your dreaming experience, then this will have a great impact on the type of mask that you will get.

The Materials

A variety of different materials are typically used to make sleep masks and you may not like the feel of all of them, so you should have some idea as to the kind of materials you would prefer on a mask before you buy one. Silk, cotton, and satin are all commonly used to make masks; silk and satin, in particular, are known to feel very good on skin.

The feel of the material is important but there are also other things to consider, like whether or not the material will irritate your skin and if it will make you feel hot or cool when you wear it for a prolonged time. Some masks will use a combination of materials and some may even include gel or foam inside to give the mask more structure or a specific shape, like eye cavities.

The Style

Dark shades like black and blue are the colors that you will normally see in sleep masks, but it is possible to get them in more color variations. If you are into fashion or just prefer a mask that stands out, you maybe tempted to go for one that is available in a fancy print or pattern. But if you do then I would strongly recommend that you research or test the effectiveness of the mask before you buy it. This is because prints and some colors are not as effective at blocking out light as are the regularly-used dark shades.

The Price

You may be wondering about the price of a sleeping mask. The price can actually vary greatly, depending on what type of mask you get and the material it is made of. In many cases, the old adage remains true that you get what you pay for. Many of the higher-quality sleep masks do cost more than the others, but very few of them are unreasonably priced. As a general rule, most sleep masks range from about ten U.S. dollars to thirty dollars. The price can fluctuate higher or lower than that, but that will give a general range of what can be expected.

Don’t be tempted into thinking that just any mask will do for you. Taking the time to research your sleeping mask before making a decision can mean the difference between getting one that is just OK and one that can significantly improve your sleep.